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Harmonize Your Brand...

Boring kills business. If you want to attract new customers, you have to stand out and be memorable. That means you can't rely on the same boring ads everyone else is using - it just won't work! I firmly believe the best way to set yourself apart today is with a custom jingle that showcases your unique brand personality. 

My jingles work best in hyper-competitive, common markets such as personal injury law and home services - where standing out can mean the difference between thriving and just surviving. I focus my client base exclusively on businesses who have a fun, friendly, and unique brand personality, because that's who benefits most from my style of jingle making. When it comes to making jingles work, brand awareness is key, so my goal with any jingle project is to attach a good feeling to your name. That way, your business is the first one that pops up in your client's head when they need your type of service


Whether you're a small business owner trying to set yourself apart, or a large brand looking to enhance your marketing efforts, my custom jingles are tailored to your specific needs. I take the time to understand your goals and craft a completely original piece of music that captures the essence of your brand the way YOU see it.

Want to see how this might work for you? Explore my portfolio, shoot me a message, and let's discuss if we're a good fit to work together. Let's bring your brand to life!


Barbershop John provides quality audio services that engage customers and

keep them smiling so you can stand out from the crowd...


We write memorable jingles customized to your brand. Catchy, friendly, fun.

Audio Ads

We create full audio advertisements complete with music, voiceover, and SFX.


We produce high quality voiceover for commercials, social media, and more.

Work Samples

What people are saying...

Aside from producing unique audios that no human can help but smile when they hear them, John was fast, efficient, and super nice. The delivery arrived early, and since the product was so cool, no revision was required. I highly recommend this artist. I can't wait to work with him again. Hats off to him !

Arthur Croque, France.

Hi, I'm John...

I started making jingles by accident. In 2020, when small businesses were scrambling to stand out and survive, I was asked to write a jingle for a local bakery. It was a massive success, and the jingle business took off. Since then I've completed over 600 projects for clients around the world in various industries.

IMG_20200306_170246 copy.png

-Barbershop John

When you work with me, you can expect a fun and collaborative experience that brings a fresh feeling to your brand. My specific style blends classic vocal harmonies with modern commercial standards to create a unique, happy sound people love. Let's make something awesome!


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